There are several tools that can help you with your online business.

List Building Tools

Building a list of subscribers doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you have the right list building tools. As with anything, it takes time to set up and more time to see results, but utilizing the right tools will benefit your business in the long run. Think of it as sowing a seed to reap the benefits when the crops are harvested.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds, part of Web 2.0 technology, is one of the easiest ways to update future, past, and present customers of what’s going on with your business. This can be promotions, newsletters, or anything that you add to your website. Because RSS makes it easy for customers to access your site, and they are pretty much free to create, customers won’t mind signing up.


Emails can be an effective list building tool if you let the system work for you. You can use emails to send upcoming sales, promotions, or surveys to your customers. Customers can always reach you with questions or concerns via email. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on printing and mailing newsletters, create a digital newsletter and send them out as a bonus to your customers.

Creating an autoresponder series makes it easy for you to reach each one of your subscribers at different times. For instance, you can set up a series of emails #1 – Thanks for subscribing. #2 – Here’s a free newsletter. #3 – Check out the upcoming promotions for next month. By setting up an autoresponder series, you don’t have to worry about who got what email or duplicate emails, because they are sent in sequence according to the customers response. Tip: Be careful not to harass your customers with emails or you will slide down the popularity ladder pretty quickly.

Excite Your Customer

Everyone likes to feel like they’re part of something so create a contest and present a prize to the winner. This will be a big boost for your business because of the hype surrounding the big day when a winner is announced.

Tip: Make sure that you list the rewards clearly, as well as any restrictions. Don’t forget to create a press release for the big event.


Are you tired of hearing about blogs? Well, I hope not because blogs are fast becoming one of the most popular list building tools around. By creating a blog, you can meet, converse, and communicate with like-minded individuals with the same interests as you. Once you have created a community of followers, you’re all set!

Utilizing one of all of these listing building tools will definitely be an asset to your online business.

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