Would you like to learn an automated and free email marketing list building system that constantly adds and keeps subscribers? List Laundering is a course that provides the blueprint for starting a list from scratch as quickly as possible.

This list building course is based on a set of step by step rules that Alan uses to consistently generate subscribers in any niche that markets to. All in all, the entire package is broken down in 5 separate modules for more clarity.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The List Laundering Strategies? There are many great benefits for having your own responsive list. Besides allowing you as the marketer to keep customer and subscriber relationships, it also allows you to make many more sales and commissions that you would otherwise be unable to do.

Dirty Laundry List Laundering Checklist – Included inside the package is a checklist that helps users ensure that they do not miss out any step of the way. Marketers should not proceed on to the next steps until they have completed all the steps in sequence. It fully walks you through the entire list building process from start to end. The end target is to set up a system whereby you can build your list automatically 24/7 with very little maintenance.

Review Of The List Laundering Video Compilation – There is a video compilation series that Alan has included which walks through everything that he does live on video. Members get to watch over all the steps written inside the handbook manual. However, this is an optional choice for members, but I would really recommend it especially for people who are visual learners and would learn much more quickly and effectively from watching video tutorials.

Membership Community Forum – This members’ only forum is also another module I found particularly helpful since I got to learn from others’ experiences and avoid the mistakes that have already been made.

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