One of the best ways that you can improve your list building efforts is by making people an offer. Nothing is for free in this life, and there must be an exchange given by every party in return for something else. Far too many people operate under the principle that just because you have an email list, people will want to sign up for it. But why should that be true?

People joining up for your list are essentially doing you a favor. They are giving you their contact information and allowing you to reach out to them. So what do they get in return besides the privilege of signing up for your list? You have to make them an offer that will entice them to signup for your list. The improvements in your list building efforts will be vast as opposed to making no offer at all.

There are many different things you can provide to people who signup for your list. There are no hard and fast rules to this, and it’s all about matching the desires and needs of your target market with an offer that will entice them to take action. For example, if you run a blog about making money from home on the Internet, then you know your target market is people who are trying to do just that.

You can offer them a free eBook or mini report to signup for your list, which includes information you have written on how to make money from home on the Internet. The great thing about something like this is that it doesn’t even need to be new information. It can just be retooled and combined information you have already written on your website or for various other articles.

As opposed to the free eBook or mini report, you can offer people a free weekly or monthly tips newsletter, filled with information related to making money from home on the Internet. Once again, the information doesn’t even need to be completely unique. It can be gathered and reused from your past materials. But the point remains true, you are giving something of value to your targeted audience in order to entice them to take the action that you are seeking.

Besides tips and free eBooks, what else can you offer people to help improve your list building efforts? If you’re selling a product you can consider offering them special discounts for signing up for the list. Or you can offer your list members exclusive sales and promotional opportunities for signing up.

Outside of these main offers, you can still go down many different paths. You can offer people some kind of promotional item such as a mug or a bag with your company name on it. Or you can really offer people anything at all, as long as it has a value to them.

As you can see, your options are vast when it comes to making your targeted audience an offer they can’t refuse. If you provide something of true value and interest to your audience, they will respond by signing up for your list. There isn’t an easier way to improve the success of your list building efforts, and it doesn’t have to cost you any money in the process.

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