If your anything like me when I first go started in the industry with my company I had no idea to what making a list of family and friends would do to my business. I thought if everyone I knew would just see my opportunity, they would just come in automatically and sign up, and we would make a ton of money together. The cold harsh reality was that none of that ever happened for me. The reality was I had to learn how to really dig down and learn how to build a list instead of making a list.

It took me almost four years to really understand exactly why this was so important and how beneficial it turned out for me and my business. What happens to most people who are in mlm after they go through their list of family and friends, are they have no one else to show are get to check out their business opportunity. One of the things that a lot of people in this industry don’t understand is that you have to have traffic to your website or business opportunity in order to survive in this industry.

Traffic is the life blood of your business and without it your business is going to die. That is why so many people in mlm are failing and not having success in this industry. See what I was taught, was to go through my family and friends, if they didn’t join ask them for references and cold call those people to see if they were interested. Some people can build a business that way, but it was not the way that I was comfortable building my business.

When I learned how to build a list online instead of making a list of family and friends is when I had a shift in income and presence online. List building online are made of certain principles that I really don’t have time to share in this article but, learning how to build your own list online from people who want the information that you have, without having to pull them by the wrist is more simpler than the other way of making a list.

If you are serious about generating leads and having tons of traffic to your business opportunity you have got to learn how to build your own list online. Having your own list your able to offer products, promotions, and training that can create extra streams of income for you. Think about all the top people in your mlm business right now, are they only generating money from the business opportunity, or do they make extra steams of income from books, tapes, and training tools. See real money earners understand that when you have a large following regardless of what company your in, you have your hands on your very own list of people who you can get to buy and build your brand with.

So in closing make sure you learn how to build your own list instead of making a list of family friends, I promise you that you will increase your amount of income that your making right now.

I can show you more mlm list builiding tips and secrets to mlm success.

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