Do you have a newsletter or Internet marketing email tips series. If you do the most important online list building tool you have is your sign up box. To maximize this email marketing tool you must have one on every single page of your Internet Marketing website!

How do I use this Online List Building Tool Effectively?

To be effective in your email marketing list building efforts you have to have an offer that can’t be refused. You have to make your invitation to your potential subscribers so enticing that they can’t possibly think of leaving without getting what you have to offer. You positively do not want to just say “Sign up for our mailing list.”

What you do want to say should shout out to everyone “if you don’t sign up now you are a looser”. Another way to do the same thing is to have copy that tell your prospective subscribers “this free item is the only information on the Internet that can make you rich, beautiful, healthy, etc, right now”.

If you can express that view in your copy you will have a online list building tool that will convert above 50%.

How do I Utilize This Online List Building Tool on my Website.

In todays Internet Pop up windows are most often blocked by user installed software. When you use pop in windows they can usually make it through the pop up blockers because of how they are designed. You can also program pop in windows to appear when your guest arrives on your page or have it come in as they exit. You can also program pop in windows to only appear one time during a session to an individual user.

With the use of cookies you can set pop in windows to appear each time a person visits, once a week, once a month or every time they move to another page. Pop ins are an effective online list building tool but you have to consider the effect it has on your visitors and more.

When is the best time to use pop ins?

Pop in windows that appear as soon as your visitor arrives at your page usually triggers an automatic “close it” response. Most Internet users have seen them so much now that there reflexes take over when they first appear.

On the other hand if you let your visitor have time to look over your page and allow the pop in window to appear as they exit the page, I think you will have a better response. When shown after your visitor has had time to relax a bit and see what they came to your page to see in the first place they may be more likely to opt in at that point.

Online List Building Tools, The Side Bar Opt in Form.

Of course it depends on just what type of Internet marketing you are doing but to make sure your visitor has a chance to get access to your newsletter or Internet marketing tips series, you should have an optin form on every page. In fact it would be very beneficial to your email marketing list building endeavors to have an opt in box at the bottom of every static page you have.

Think of it like this. As an online list building tool we all know that the opt in form, in whatever manner shown, is the way to build your list. When you think about the fact that the more times a person sees something the more likely they are to get it then it makes sense to have several forms a person can fill out to get your offer.

Having an opt in form in the side bar of your page is usually expected. By having one at the bottom of the page it is unobtrusive and convenient. If you use a pop in about 15 to 20 seconds after a person gets on the page you allow your visitor several chances to get accept your offer and only inconvenience them one time with a pop in.

The way you use online list building tools has as much effect on their performance as the tool you are using. My suggestions may or may not work for you. The way to find out is to test what works best on your site.

Online list building tools are the way for you to have a continuous customer base to market to. Building your email marketing list should be most Internet or affiliate marketers first priority. You know it is true.

The money is in the list.

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