It has come to my attention that many people need help getting up to speed with the language of profitable List Building.

This is the foundation that will help you create your own proven list building system from the beginning – or help you rebuild your system in a way that WORKS. Read on to learn the first answer answer to the question… What is your Irresistible Free Offer and Why Is It SO Important?

Your Irresistible Free Offer is the invitation you create that is THE reason your prospect “opts in” to your email database. It’s the “bait” that “hooks” them to become your subscriber.

For those of you who are really new to the world of list building, I want to be sure you’re tracking along – when a website visitor is interested in your Irresistible Free Offer, they can decide they want it and they will opt-in to your list. This means they fill out the form asking for their information, usually name & email address.

2 Big Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

One mistake that happens with most people who are trying to build a list community is that they mistake what they think their prospect needs with what their prospect really wants. It’s vitally important before you can truly profit big with list building, that you uncover what your perfect prospect wants from you – and then give them a free taste of your expertise.

A second mistake is giving too much away. Most purpose-driven entrepreneurs (the kind I usually attract) definitely make this mistake and it just breaks my heart… Just give one golden nugget they can use. If you give everything away, most likely all your great content won’t be valued as it should AND you will not make any sales because you’ve left your new subscriber “full” and unable to handle anymore.

What your Free Irresistible Offer should be:

*something they really want
*easily consumable
*juicy or sexy, not boring (you can make most things more exciting than you think, but it does require some thought)
*clearly benefit-driven – letting your prospect know the outcome it will help them achieve

The bottom line:

You already have a wealth of amazingly valuable gifts, expertise, talents, information, products and services, yet no matter how FABULOUS your stuff is… it doesn’t matter if you have very few people to offer them to. Worse, it’s almost as if they didn’t exist.

You’re doing your prospects a disservice when you don’t put enough thought into what your Irresistible Free Offer is – because prospects won’t become subscribers and if they don’t – they’ll most likely NEVER become your paying customers.

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