Online list building for any Internet-based business is a gradual process and results normally do not come in overnight. In fact, there is no sure way or perfect formula to infinitely grow your list because a lot of the factors depend on what you are promoting and how others see your promotions.

But with some determination and perseverance in spreading your website, you will eventually notice your online list growing little by little and after enough marketing, you might even find it growing on its own. This would be a great time to take a break with your online marketing and focus on other areas of your campaign or simply take a complete break.

However, don’t feel overconfident that your list will continue to expand every day. Here are some reasons why you should pick up the pace and never completely quit online building.

May Freeze your Income Potential

The exact time your income potential will freeze due to you quitting out on online list building depends on how well-marketed your website is and its current page ranking. Popular websites that get thousands of visits each day are undoubtedly in a comfortable position in having their online list grow exponentially. Still, the growth can slow down little by little because of the lack of support that you are giving due to your absence.

There are a lot of critics out there and what they do is try to contact you first before becoming a part of your list just to see if you are really legitimate. If you are not available, the drought will continue and your income potential could freeze until you continue spreading your site.

Makes your Business Feel Older

Smart people want to be part of a list that is constantly updated. It doesn’t have to be on a daily basis, but showing some signs that your website has updated recently and that you are actively adding new content gives your visitors a feeling of comfort once they see your page. After you did all the marketing in great areas, updating your site can continue the flow of traffic and convince newer visitors to come on board because your site remains fresh. Let your site age and new visitors will have less interest thus slowing down your online list growth.

Can be used for Future Online Endeavors

As long as you don’t quit online list building, your marketing momentum continues to flow and the results really pay off when you find another affiliate program that you wish to promote or try something completely new. With a big list at your disposal you can convert more leads to sales quickly because you don’t have to scout around for new leads providing that they are in the same niche. Then you can use those online endeavors to further boost your list because of your marketing momentum.

Never quit online list building especially if you dream of having a steady residual income stream. Keep growing your list and you will profit much more from additional income streams that you find and increase your reputation as an Internet marketer too.

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