Many people know that web marketing is dependent on online list building. Yet you may have already heard of your own sob story when it comes to failed attempts to utilize and effectively undergo online list building.
From the many forums available on the World Wide Web and perhaps even to a friend that you yourself know and who has tried every trick found on the search engine results and which failed miserably. If you want to try out online list building but with a safety net to ensure that you will succeed, here are several pointers to consider.

Online forums

First, begin with basics. Online list building can start with something as simple as the many public forums found on the internet. Try creating articles and press releases which you can post on these sites. Always remember to add your contact details and a brief description of the goods and services which you offer, and you will soon find clients trying to contact you instead of the other way around. This, of course, depends by and large on the quality of articles that you have written as well as the content you have placed on the website which your posts link to.


Second, one of the most important concepts in online list building is the idea of generosity. Remember that you always get what you give, and only what you give. Since you intend that relationship between you and the list providers to be mutually beneficial, make it happen by adding perks for the people who volunteer their contact information and email addresses for your list. Among the popular strategies is to give away freebies. You can give away your own freebies by finding something that is cheap, useful, and related to your retailing line or service niche in the industry.

Remember that when you are thinking of giving away freebies, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that you are giving away something worth the information volunteer and potential future client’s time. There are few things which are as desperate as simply giving away scraps and ends made from some sweatshop in a developing country – worse, the potential client actually notice these, and respond by not responding to your business.


Finally, always remember to follow up on your contacts. One of the easier ways to ensure this is to subscribe to auto-response software and services that will automatically send in a pre-typed response to queries sent in reply to your messages. Once a customer attempts to contact you, remember not to lose any opportunity to show how good a service or goods provider you are by quickly responding to the messages.

Follow up, however, does not end simply with a response. Because what you are actually trying to do with your list is create a client base that will come back to you over and over again in the future for purchases related to your field, you need to update them regularly with events happening in your business, and to forward relevant articles every once in a while.

With these steps in mind, you can start online list building – with security and success.

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