One of the most important things that internet marketing newbies need to learn is list building. List building is so important to success when you are involved in internet marketing. The ability to build up a good list can make the difference between a good income and a great income. However, many people who just get started in internet marketing don’t know how to capture email addresses for their list. Here are some simple list building tips that can help.

List Building Tip #1 – Have a Squeeze Page – One of the most important listing building tips for internet marketing newbies is to have a good squeeze page. This is a page where visitors can be directed to sign up for the list. It includes benefits of signing up, and also a special form where visitors can leave their name and email address.

List Building Tip #2 – Offer Something for Free – Another important tip to keep in mind when it comes to list building is to offer something for free to people if they sign up. There is definitely power in offering something for free. People who are offered a freebie are more likely to sign up for your email group.

List Building Tip #3 – Offer Signup on Every Page – Internet marketing newbies also should make sure that they offer signup for their list on every page of their website. This is important, since you can never be sure where on your site people will end up. If you only put the signup form on one page of the site, you may really miss out on some of the visitors that come to your website. So ensure you have that form on each page to capture as many emails for your list as possible.

List Building Tip #4 – Have a Contest – It’s a great idea to have a contest on your site to get people to sign up for your email list as well. People enjoy getting involved in contests, especially if they know that they may win something from it. Just require them to supply their email address to get involved, and you’ll get a lot of people willing to sing up for the list.

List building is definitely important for internet marketing newbies, and if you don’t take advantage of it, your internet marketing business is going to suffer. It is very true that there is money in your email list, so work on building up a good one. With these tips, building your list will be a bit easier for you.

Cat Williams is an internet marketer and freelance writer who provides valuable advice for internet marketing newbies. To learn more, go to her website at Internet Marketing For Newbies
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