Getting started in an online business will involve using some proven techniques to begin building up a list of potential customers. Tips like using opt-in pages, newsletters and blogs will help to generate a list of subscribers that will, if properly cultivated, grow to a respectable size. This group of subscribers will provide a source of customers that will be beneficial to your success as a business.

Let’s begin with the opt-in or “squeeze” page. The purpose of the opt-in page is to create a channel for the visitors to your site to use to find a source of information about your product or service. The object here is to encourage the visitor to give his email address to subscribe to a source of information. Something like a newsletter. The newsletter is a good way to present free reports, interviews with producers and consumers, opinions and any other helpful information you can think of.

The opt-in page should always lead to a blog, not your sales page. The purpose of your blog is to collect all of the information about you and your product in one place. To contribute to your list building efforts, the blog comes in handy for communicating with your subscribers and for finding out how they feel about your product, the prices, your service, things like that. If your opt-in page goes to your sales page, your subscribers might be frightened off and you might lose them. Do all you can to build trust and a good reputation. Even if your potential customer doesn’t buy from you, he will know that your site can be trusted. The object here is to build a list of subscribers and customers that will return to your site again.

The newsletter is a useful tool to inform your subscriber of all the latest information about your product. Include all the latest information about it, any new research, any special promotions and deals you have to offer. Use your picture and tell them something about you. Do your best to encourage feedback about your product and the service you gave them. Be sure to email your list of subscribers at least twice a week with any new offer or update of your product. Use an auto responder to keep up the current information in your newsletter. You can find free auto responders at Google-Auto responders. List building is constant and hard work but the payoff is worth the effort. Keep at it.

Always offer quality information and products. Remember, you are building a solid reputation as well as a big list of potential customers. Be timely and responsive to your customers and subscribers. Be sure to use a thank you page at your site. Your customers appreciate it and will remember it. Also use a subscriber box on every page to help the visitor to your site that may have missed it on previous pages. Another list building tool. Go overboard with your help and service.

These tips, tools and techniques will help with the hardest part of your online efforts. With hard work, attention to detail and development of a good reputation, you will have a head start with your peers in the online business environment. List building methods are necessary and effective. Learn to use them well.

Maintaining regular communication with a mix of free advice and offering quality information/products/services for sale should be your business model. For helpful advice on List Building including how to write emails that get results then visit Email Promo Magic and grab a free copy of my book Opt In Email List Building Alchemy

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