List building is one of the highest ROI activities that a company can participate in. Far too many businesses believe that their lead generation responsibilities stop with social media. This simply not true for many reasons. Here are the advantages and email list building tips for every business types [sic].

Advantage of Building an Email List 1 – The major social media platforms will eventually begin to charge you to access your own lists.

Remember when you could advertise to every one of your fans on Facebook for free? It is now estimated that any post that is not sponsored only reaches 10% of your likes at this point. On top of this, Facebook now decides what is important for your fans to see and what is not. It is the goal of every social media network to come to this point – they are all trying monetize their platforms.

The social media platforms that fail are usually the ones that cannot institute a policy to monetize their lists. Remember that the lists that you do not bring to your individual website belong to the media company, not you.

The company that is holding your lists can also shut down. If you had a friend list on Myspace circa 2003, you lost nearly all of your contacts when the site restructured itself. This was the breaking point for many companies that were relying on the site to keep their lists of customers organized.

Advantage of Building an Email List 2 – You can send the types of messages that you want.

When you are relying on the customer lists of other people, you do not have the leverage to send the types of messages that you want. You may need to send longer messages or messages with more multimedia. You are usually given very limited options when you work off of the list of a social media site or a third party aggregator.

Not only can you send messages in the style that you want, but you also have the freedom to send messages at the frequency that you prefer. With many third party email builders, you can only send a certain amount of messages per time period. If you have a list that is too long for this process, then you will find yourself behind your marketing schedule before you know it.

There is also an element of originality that sets you apart if you have your own email format technique. You can bet that your competitors are using the same social media platforms as you. If so, they are sending messages that look the same as yours because that is all that is available for them to do. Think of yourself as a customer: Would you really be able to have a preference if everyone was sending you the same message?

Advantage of Building an Email List 3 – You can provide your customer base with more incentives to purchase and stay with you.

Because of the limitations on content and on format with a third party email, you do not have the freedom to offer discounts and other incentives that you normally would offer to your best customers. On top of that, you may not even be able to identify your best customers because they do not have the ability to answer your emails to them!

There are many other advantages and email list building tips for every business types [sic]. For instance, you have the ability to monetize the list itself if the list is yours alone. However, the bottom line is that every business needs its own proprietary list of customers. There is simply too much opportunity in a list to leave that much social real estate sitting on the table!

Russell Armstrong is an Internet Marketing Coach and Affiliate Marketing Specialist. CEO and Founder of Armstrong Enterprises.An Internet Based Company on the premise of helping people change their lives.

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