List building is not about getting the most patrons to subscribe to you. It is also not about sending out the most number of email promotions. Lastly, it is not about getting the most number of products, services and ideas to promote. This may sound surprising, but list building is only one step on how to make money online. That’s right. This is just one tool that an Internet marketer could and should utilize in order to gain the acceptable results – preferably, a good amount of cash on your paycheck. Admittedly, many novice online marketers focus their attention on how to build a list; as opposed to why they are making that list in the first place. And this is where the breakdown in the email marketing process happens.

First of all, list building is not the end all solution to your marketing efforts. Despite the claims of the many online gurus out there, building your own list(s) entails a lot more preparation than just getting the “information out there.” You have to think about what kind of information should be given out, how and even why you are giving out such data during such time. The misconceptions surrounding this email marketing step is partly due the fault of the numerous list building videos floating about in the World Wide Web. The free information given out by these videos is usually very brief, and certainly cannot encompass all the specifics, especially on the part regarding why anyone should do this task to boost their marketing efforts. And yet, many people still fall for these list building videos because of the deceptive way this marketing strategy is being portrayed.

A good list is not about the number of times you can send out mail via a list building software. Rather, a good list means that you are actually getting the preferred results form the people you are in contact with via your email marketing efforts. That means: in order to get those preferred results you need to make a marketing goal for each and every list you make. Some of the questions you need to address immediately are:

1. What is the ultimate goal for creating this list for this product / service / idea? What do you want your patrons to learn from your email series?
2. What are the timeliest details subscribers would want to know? What important information should be broadcasted now? What information can be held back for release on a later date? What information should never be broadcasted or at the very least, abbreviated to avoid boring the patron?
3. What is the preferred action on the part of the subscriber when you send them this mail? What is the ratio of people responding positively and those who does not seem to respond at all to alerts?
4. Why are some people not responding to these email alerts, anyway?

When you create your list, try to look at it through the perspective of the subscribers. Be extra critical with your work by learning to cite which information you think should have been given first, which information should have been given on a later date, which information should never have been posted (irrelevant materials) and which information really sells.

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